Published August 17, 2016

The Northern Forest Dialogue Project

The Relationships That Drive Public Processes

Public Conversations Project
Published June 28, 2016

Olive Branch Giving Circle

People of different faiths - and different beliefs about Israel and Palestine - give together.

The Olive Branch offers local communities a safe model for dialogue and action, providing Jews, Christians and Muslims the chance to meet, study shared values, and work toward a shared vision. In a safe and supportive environment, participants can learn about each other, create the basis for relationship building and talk about charged issues in a proactive and positive atmosphere. At the same time, these participants will support the nonprofit sector promoting peace and understanding in Israel and Palestine. In the course of conversations, participants can examine the current situation and brainstorm ways to jointly support Israel and Palestine, establishing an interreligious voice for peace.
Public Conversations Project
Published May 19, 2016

Training in Taiwan

Equipping Leaders to Bring Dialogue to their Communities

Public Conversations Project
Published February 17, 2016

Higher Ed Roundup

Dialogue on Campus

To share the stories and important work of dialogue on college campuses, highlighting the activities, lessons, and resources of our university partners.
Public Conversations Project